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Christiania Energy is a privately held Danish trading company with a foundation deeply rooted in Norwegian heritage through our parent company, Eitzen Group. Christiania Energy solely operates in the interest of our customers, counting and serving as the Group’s dedicated trading division responsible for orchestrating marine trading activities on behalf of its subsidiaries, Christiania Chemical and Christiania Gas.

The Company

Christiania Energy’s core business centers global trading of marine fuels, lubricant oils and the new market domains of carbon credits and future fuel solutions. 

Christiania Energy operates as the Group’s trading division by managing in-house trading activities for its subsidiaries, Christiania Chemical and Christiania Gas. With a strong emphasis on vendor-centric practices, Christiania Energy efficiently manages sourcing for a fleet of more than 30 vessels, thereby prioritizing the cultivation of enduring relationships to ensure smooth and seamless operations. 

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Christiania Energy’s parent company, Eitzen Group, is a family-owned maritime organization headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a rich legacy dating back to its establishment in 1883 by Captain Camillo Eitzen.

With over 140 years of invaluable shipping experience, the group has transformed into a leading global entity. Today, the Eitzen Group is actively involved in a broad spectrum of maritime services, encompassing shipping, trading, logistics, technology, and financing. Synonymous with excellence and innovation, the Eitzen Group continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the maritime sector.

Marine Fuels & Lubricants 

Christiania Energy specializes in trading marine fuels and lubricant oils, managing a seamless supply chain from the downstream phase, tailored to meet customer demands with thorough planning, price negotiation, quality verification, and diverse delivery options, along with financing and hedging solutions.


With a global network covering over 800 suppliers globally, Christiania Energy possesses extensive reach to offer tailored marine solutions to our customers, leveraging both our Bunker Pool and external clientele.

Carbon credits 

Christiania Energy remains committed to supporting our subsidiaries and customers by offering quality support. We are dedicated to helping our customers with crafting effective strategies for emissions management, trading opportunities, purchase of credits and optimization.

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Bunker Pool Fleet

Christiania Chemical
Alice Theresa Annelise Theresa
Azra Theresa Caroline Theresa
Cathy Theresa Charlotte Theresa
Diana Theresa Jette Theresa
Karina Theresa Likya Theresa
Maya Theresa Özden-S
Sigaia Theresa Sigrid Theresa
Stella Theresa Susanne Theresa
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Christiania Gas
B Gas Mariner B Gas Master
B Gas Neptune CGAS Jupiter
CGAS Mate CGAS Monarch
CGAS Saturn CGAS Venus
Aluar Lekvar
B Gas Margrethe B Gas Maud
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